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Vegetable Creations is the brand Australians turn to for organic, healthy and delicious vegetarian foods. In a world where time is a scarcity and national health is on the fall, Vegetable Creations seeks to find innovative and healthy solutions that are practical for a typically busy lifestyle.
Vegetable Creations was founded in Melbourne, Australia in 1987 by master chef and food guru, Jitendra Bhatia. With over 30 years of culinary experience, knowledge of ayurvedic and organic cooking, and his vegetarian philosophy, Jitendra began a company far ahead of its time. He was inspired by well known natural food teacher, chef and author John Downes after they worked together as friends at the Natural Tucker Bakery in Melbourne. Jitendra was an expert at inventing new recipes for vegetarians, and specializes in creating allergy-free and gluten-free organic products.

Vegetable Creations’ personal philosophy behind eating, cooking, and living comes from a deep understanding of health and ethics. Great importance is given not only to what is made or consumed, but also with which attitude it is made or consumed with. We believe that every action in life, including eating and cooking should be cherished and conducted with a sense of love, humility and gratitude. For Vegetable Creations, food is a transfer of our energies and offers more than just nutritional value. Therefore, for us and our team, it is of utmost importance that they cook in a state of love and joy in order to pass on this energy to the consumer.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our Values

  • To continuously innovate and create delicious and healthy certified organic foods.

  • To promote health and well being.

  • To prove that healthy cooking does not have to be time consuming.

  • To support our environment and community.