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organic sourdough pies and snacks

All our pies are hand-made with stone-ground organic whole-meal flour. What also makes our pie pastry special is that it is sourdough!


(Left to right) Organic Gluten-free dal pie, organic sourdough mushroom and tofu pie, organic gluten-free pumpkin and tofu pie.


Our sourdough pastry is made by using a small amount of starter dough (sometimes known as the "mother dough"), which is naturally fermented, and mixing it with new flour, water and a minimum amount of organic sunflower oil. Part of this resulting dough is then saved to use as the starter for the next batch.


This unique and specialised process makes the pastry lighter and more easily digestible, unlike other pastries.


We also create special GLUTEN FREE pies using organic maize/rice flour. Many of our Coeliac clients who have gluten intolerance prefer our gluten-free pies.


Our most popular organic sourdough pies are:

  • Mushroom and Tofu
  • Pumpkin and Tofu
  • Plain Vegetable
  • Curried Vegetable
  • Gluten-Free Dal

(Left) Organic Mushroom and Tofu Pie.
(Right) Organic Tofu Burger Patty with Organic Tomato Kasundi


We also create snacks such as riceballs, samosas and tofu burger patties. All our products are strictly vegan/ vegetarian.


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